Centralize sales materials

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Consistent brand message

Maintaining and streamlining brand efforts when working with teams around the globe is challenging. PresentationOS helps organizations to maintain consistent brand messaging by allowing teams to access the most up-to-date materials through a centralized platform.

Drive better results

with analytics

Utilize real-time analytics and insights to maximize content impact by identifying frequently accessed files, popular content, and the duration of views. Use this data to optimize presentations and streamline messaging for the intended audience.

More efficiency and less

operational costs

Eliminate the need for expensive printed materials and reduce potential production errors. Marketing and sales teams can easily share and access up-to-date content, without managing multiple folders, servers, and applications.

Advanced technologyand impressive features

Augmented RealityContent encryptionSecure cloud infrastructureMulti-device interactivity

Augmented Reality

PresentationOS leverages augmented reality to provide a seamless, always accessible experience for users on iPads.

Content encryption

Content is protected by multiple layers of security, including SSL encryption, daily content backups, and automatic alerts that notify users if a device is offline.

Secure cloud infrastructure

PresentationOS leverages AWS CDN, firewall, and secure file hosting, providing fast content delivery, a secure application, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Multi-device interactivity

Interactive content can play across multiple screens, creating different experiences, including websites, interactive kiosks, large video walls, iPads, and laptops.


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